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Acts of Charity

We here at started this company with the idea of bringing amazing teachings and offerings that may have missed the wave of public perception, to you, the consumer, at an accessible price. But that’s not all the gratitude that we had in mind. We also want to give back and show that we’re putting our money where our hearts are by giving back to those have a need. So to that end, from the outset, we’re committing 15% of our net revenue to charitable contributions. We will be switching charities quarterly to spread the love. If you have a charity you would like us to consider please contact us and tells us the what, when, why and so on. We will definitely put you in the bucket.

“Now, wait a second,” you might say. “I’ve got a couple questions about that. First, who are you giving money to? And, second, net revenue? That sounds fishy and tricky.”

To which I would say, “those are pretty good questions. So let me answer them.”


In regards to the charity we’ve chosen the central California coast’s One Cool Earth. ( This charity is near and dear to our hearts for a couple of reasons not the least of which is that we are based out of the California coast and we understand how precious the environment is. We believe in many ways this is a number one priority and the environment itself supports us. One Cool Earth’s philosophy of teaching, preservation, and growth is aligned with us and our concept of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental growth for ourselves only they are there for the earth itself. From their site:

One Cool Earth is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit working in San Luis Obispo county. Our Vision: Create a peaceful, abundant planet with a healthy environment for all. Our Mission: Support outdoor education, neighborhood gardens and community tree plantings.

We can’t express our gratitude for their expertise, courage, and compassion. In this small fashion we hope to support their vision and commitment.

Now, to discuss the Net Revenue component. Needless to say, we’re a business and we have costs that we need to manage. Here, though, we promise to commit our funds and manage our business to fulfill this basic tenet: provide service for the greater community at large. Each year we will send a check to our chosen charity and post images of this transaction to demonstrate its resolution. There’s a bit of trust here on your part, but I hope that you believe us when we say that we are committed to giving back.

Thanks again for your support and we hope that you’ll be able to join us in the excitement we have for this endeavor.