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    • What is Deep Gratitude? What is our purpose?

We believe in the collective us and building an amazing future together. We are all in this together.
So with this at our core, we decided to create a place where we could gather teachers of all kinds and their offerings and make them available to you at an entry-level price. Many of these courses are very specialized and powerful in their own right and demand a high price that some may find prohibitive.

Thus we provide a service where we can select teachers and offerings and bring them to you. They get a chance to touch and inspire a new audience and you get the opportunity to hear at least part of their truth. And we of course feel our alignment in this service towards making the world more enlightened, inspired, and enjoyable for all we’ve touched and/or brought together.

    • I missed a sale. Can I still buy it?

I’d love to say yes, but the answer is “no.” Once we conclude a sale, that’s it for the deal. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never see it again, but at this time the sale is concluded. Keep your eyes peeled, though, as it may come around again or something even more congruent will arise! As a matter of fact, I know something even more aligned to you will come online. Know that. If you are really hot and heavy about it though, contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate teacher.

    • Can I buy more than one?

I love the enthusiasm and commitment! In most cases, this will be an outstanding “yes!” However, in some cases where we’ve negotiated extra special prices or limited offerings we may be then limited in how many each customer can get. We will let you know on the main sale page if this case comes up.

    • When will I get my purchase?

Probably 90% of our offerings are of a digital nature, videos, online classrooms, ebooks, audiobooks and so forth. As such you will most likely be able to download the offering as soon as you make the purchase. Some of these downloads can be big, so it will be dependent on you to have a solid internet connection and the time to allow the download to occur. There also may be a case where there is an online classroom and the actual class does not start until a pre-determined date. In this case, you will likely have to wait for the class to open. We will notify you in the description when that happens.

Occasionally there will be an actual physical product that needs to be shipped. Our shipping process is a bit slower than some companies *cough* Amazon *cough* but we’re hoping that the additional discounts will allow some grace in this. We process orders once a week and to keep shipping costs low, ship ground rate. So, to answer the shipping question, worst case scenario will be 13 days and best will be approximately five days.

    • I’ve downloaded my offering and I am loving it! How do I get more from that author?

Seriously, this is a great question. I know for me I tend to go deep when something reaches me. When you get a offering the author or group will give you an opportunity to sign up for their email or contact them to do just that – go deeper. This is up to them and their product to support you fully.

    • Can I get an upgraded version or “bigger” version of the offering I’m interested in?

Each of our sales is that item exclusively. We may, in the future, be able to offer variations of an original product but that’ll be something that you’ll have to keep an eye out. If you have something specific, however, contact us and we’ll see what we can find in the deepest, most enlightened corners of our visions.

    • I can’t get the download going, the video isn’t playing for me and other technical issues

We will do the best we can to support you in all ways including technical so get a hold of us via our contact and let us know what is going on. You’ll want to tell us what browser you are using, what type of computer you are on and any other relevant information. Keep in mind though we are not Microsoft, Google or Apple so we can’t offer you true level of technical support, that is on you as the user and your setup functioning properly. Do contact us though we want to do what we can.

There may be times where we mess up and give you a bad link or something – it happens occasionally. We are human. In that case we will ask for your forgivence and patience as we will get the fix to you as fast and urgently as we can. In that case of our error you will be entitled to a full refund should you chose to take it.

Finally there may be times when you need the support of the author themselves and in that case best bet would be to contact the author.

    • I do not feel aligned with this offering (or this offering sucks!). I want a refund.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the opinion of the product we can’t consider that a valid complaint. We make it a point to be upfront on our opinions about the offering so that you might best discern how much you might like it. We also take our best effort to only promote the highest level of quality teachings, offerings we have taken ourselves or come strongly recommended, and people and ideas we believe in. But yea time to time you might get something that you completely resist unfortunately we can’t refund based on that. We often recommend setting it down and coming back to it at some other time in another space.

Sometimes it is best to contact the author directly and figure out a solution between you. Ultimately the product offerings we are bringing you are the property of the owners and therefore their responsibility to support and attend to. Do contact us if you are having problems working with them – we would like to know.

    • Ok, so if I can’t return it because it sucks and I feel resistence, when then can I return a product?

When something is truly defective or damaged in shipment or download please let us know via a support ticket. Through this channel we’ll send you a return authorization form. If we still have the same item in-stock or available as a repaired download, we will provide you with an exchange of the same item.

In the case of physical products:
If a replacement has been issued and you do not return the original item within the 30 days as stated in the return authorization, you will be charged for the replacement item. In the event the item is no longer available and you have contacted us within 21 days of the purchase date, DeepGratitude may issue you a refund in the amount of the original purchase based on the condition of the item. You may be required to return your defective item to DeepGratitude before an exchange or refund is issued. In the event the item being returned to DeepGratitude is NOT found to be damaged or defective, you may be assessed a 15% restocking fee and the original shipping charge will not be refunded. In the event your return request is past the 21 day window, you may want to contact the manufacturer of your product or the provider of the product’s warranty to see if some other resolution is possible.

    • Can I expedite delivery of physical products?

Due to the relationship that we’ve negotiated with our shipper we can’t expedite shipping at this point. However, if this becomes the issue we’ll take a look and see what we can do about it in the future.

    • With physical products can I split shipping and send one to a friend and one to another address?

Due to the bulk shipping that we have we don’t offer a split shipment under the flat rate that we offer. However, if you’d like to split the shipping an additional fee to accommodate the additional location will be assigned. Just contact us and we’ll get it all figured out.

    • I want to talk to a live someone.

Unfortunately, we’re all out of someone’s, we have everyones. I kid. In reality we’re working diligently to source, gather and ship your orders. Now, that’s not to say we’re not here for you but instead to let you know that the best method of getting ahold of us is via email or through our support page form. When we get your contact information and question then yes we will likely contact you in person if it makes sense to do so.

    • I tried to order but got an error – can I still get the offering?

Well, that is a bummer and may have not meant to be. If you are acting on the first maybe second day of a sale then contact us immediately and we may be able to sort it all out before the sale concludes. Overall at DeepGratitude we work very diligently to keep our site up and running and able to take your orders. Unfortunately, once a sale is concluded that’s the end of it for that day. Keep your eyes peeled though as we may bring highly sought after offerings back.

    • Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, of course we do and deep gratitude for spreading the word. You’ll see an option in the top navigation.