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Sean D Stewart Simplify


Imagine getting twice as much done with half the effort. Imagine taking time off from work to spend with your family and having the confidence to know your business is growing, even while you’re away.

This program is designed to help you get more done without actually doing more. Introducing…



Simplify… 6 weeks to stress free productivity


From the desk of Sean D. Stewart:
Dear friend,


  • You’re in ‘time crunch’ and you’re rushing around from one thing to the next, barely present for the people and things that matter most.
  • You have big dreams and goals that deep down seem impossible to get to because your current job or situation is too ‘all consuming’.
  • You spend your days working really hard only to feel like you’re actually getting no where.
  • Your office is disorganized and your to do list is never ending.
  • Or maybe you’re still spending your valuable time on tasks you could pay someone $12 bucks to do because you’re afraid you can’t afford to hire the help.


  • You show up to work and you know exactly what your agenda is and you proceed to get everything done with ease and focus.
  • Your office is put together like a masterpiece with everything designed to systematically make your life earlier.
  • You have a a great team you can trust who do all things you no longer need to do, leaving you to spend time on what you do best.
  • You leave your office at 5 and spend the evening with your family, confident you are free to relax.



Because the old model of DIY (do it yourself) and multi-tasking till you’re blue in the face no longer makes sense. The new world demands you work smarter, not harder.

If you equate productivity with working harder and moving faster, my guess is you’re still trading time for dollars.

Here’s the brutal truth

You don’t have a business, you have a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).
You can’t take a real vacation or a sick day or your business will crumble.
You waste your time on tasks that someone else can do for pennies on the dollar.
You’ll never escape the hamster unless you’re willing to change the way you operate your business. No Change no progress.

If this is your situation it can feel like you’re stuck, but there is a solution.


“Since working with Sean I’ve experienced an increase in my productivity and clarity about my business. I’ve hired an assistant and trainer and have reached many of my business and personal goals.” -Alex Alexander, Art consultant”


Many heart-centered business owners like to ‘go with the flow’ and ‘take life as it comes’.

But as a business owner, that’s not a responsible way of operating.

Yes, spontaneity is important and too much structure can be stiffing.

But what’s really effective is being spontaneous WITHIN a structure.

“I’ve been amazed as I’ve put to work the time management recommendations how much more free time I have while watching my income increase. Sean has also been brilliant on helping me become clearer and more focused on my goals; his guidance has been spot on. ” -Kim Chelekian, Brick House Personal Training

The bottom line is that most entrepreneurs are so overworked and overwhelmed that they are mentally, emotionally and physically drained.
They go from crisis to crisis, half present. Dreaming they can clone themselves and feeling like victims to information overload. But there is an easier way.

That’s why I created:

Simplify… 6 weeks to stress free productivity

This program is designed to help you get more done without actually doing more.

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Here’s a small taste of what we will cover in the program:

  • How to double your productivity at home and work.
  • How to overcome overwhelm and procrastination once and for all.
  • How to eliminate the distractions and interruptions that are robbing you of energy.
  • The super ninja time mastery tricks I use that make my business soar every week, month, year.
  • How to set up systems that make your business run on virtual autopilot.

What the Simplify program entails:


  • How to manage your state of mind. (By aligning your mental, emotional and physical sides).
  • How to create rituals to increase your energy, stamina and focus (for High Performance).
  • How to expand your focus muscles (so you get more done in blocks).
  • Aligning with universal principles (to increase your effectiveness at home and work).


  • My top ten high leverage time mastery secrets.
  • How to track where your time is going and making decisions about what to eliminate and delegate.
  • Weekly and daily planning (The weekly reset).
  • How to set AND accomplish your goals the ‘right way’.
  • How to strategically plan out your coming year to ‘go big’ without putting too much you your plate.
  • The Procrastination cure.


  • The GTD (Getting Things Done) system boiled down to its essence and improved on.
  • Get everything off your mind and into a trusted system that works (Relaxed control over all projects).
  • Core system of the simplify program.
  • Learn about all the external tools I use in my business.


  • What systems are and how to set them up.
  • The top 10 systems all entrepreneurs should have in their business.
  • Defining automation and a list of the best automation tools you need to set up and how.
  • My personal systems worksheets.


  • We’ll Pull it all together as one cohesive whole.
  • Ad Hoc time mastery tips.
  • My super ninja time mastery tricks.
  • The project plan (Accomplish anything in 4 weeks).

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I’d like you to visualize this for a moment:

  • Your business is running like a well oiled machine and work feels productive, fulfilling, rewarding and inspiring.
  • You wake up every day and felt grateful for your life and excited because you are able to provide for your family on the highest level.
  • You have full confidence your business is prepared to steadily increase month after month, year after year.
  • And lastly, you get to spend your time on the things you love most versus all the other things your business needs to have done, but which you yourself don’t like doing?
  • How would your life look if that was your reality today?

    “Working with Sean gave me clarity of mind and a fabulous set of organizational skills that I desperately needed and help me everyday to take my business to the next level.” -Tara Haggiag, Fashion Designer

    So why Time Management?

    Because entrepreneurs are wearing too many hats in their businesses and treading water because of it. We’re not computers, we’re humans.

    The effect of all this busyness is not success, its flat out failure. We cant keep thinking that the faster we dump water out from a boat with a leak, the quicker we’ll get to our destination.

    We’ve got to fix the leak.

    So for those of you who are resonating with what I’m been talking about so far today, come join us in the program – Simplify… 6 weeks to stress free productivity.

    And join a community of other heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to take back control of their time and business.

    Let’s be honest.

    The ultimate goal in having a proper time management system in your business and life is to allow you to spend more time doing the things you love while having the piece of mind knowing that your business is flourishing.

    This program will give you the tools to once and for all build a streamlined time management system that will put your business’ success on autopilot.

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    Ten FAQ’s

    1. What if I’m already productive?
    If you’re already productive and you’re reading this, my guess is you’re not fully convinced you’re as productive as you could be. This program will increase your productivity no matter if you’re are a total mess with Time management or you are a rock-star with it.

    2. What if I’m already in a program or with a coach that covers time management strategies?
    My question for you is: How’s it working so far? If you are reading this I’m going to guess it could be better. Yes, this program should supersede what you are doing with your coach. It’s that good.

    3. What if I’m already bogged down in trainings and not implementing those? Would this just add to my pile?
    If you are bogged down in other trainings and think this will just be another one to add to the pile, let me help you solve the problem you face: Stop everything you are learning and take this class!

    It will allow you end the problem you just mentioned by giving you a new way to get through the stuff on your plate. “Take the time to save time”, that’s a core principle in this program.

    4. What are the tangible results I’ll get from improving my time management?
    Tangible results: more peace of mind, less stress, more energy, more confidence and self esteem, more money, more flow and ease in your business, more time to do the things you want to do in and outside of your business. More vacation time. Become a better leader, start thriving for real.

    5. What if I have already taken courses and paid coaches to help me with this and it didn’t work?
    That’s because a lot people teach time management but they don’t understand that there is way more to it than “getting more done in less time”. This is not like those other programs. I’m going to help you understand a new paradigm regarding time. I know that because I took those other programs and I made this program as the answer to them.


    6. What’s the real world return on my investment
    It would not be authentic for me to put an exact number on YOUR ROI because its different for everybody but if I was to tell you my overall feeling about it I’d say “its worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your business to master these skills Im teaching”. Here’s my question for you: “What’s it costing you right now to keep being inefficient with your time?” Bottom line: this program is worth 10X the investment… easily.

    7. What if I’m too busy to focus on it right now? Wouldn’t it be a waste of money?
    If you’re too busy then this program is exactly what you need to invest your time in NOW. This class is made for busy people. It’s designed with you in mind and it’s THE SOLUTION to your busyness problem. Do you want to just stay busy? Or do you want solve that and get back to living a real life? Did you become an entrepreneur to be busy all the time? My guess is no. Drop your other commitments temporarily and invest the time now to save tons of time, energy and money later.

    8. I’m a parent with kids/family, will this help me
    Yes. Its designed for busy people in mind and that includes parents of grown children and small children as well as women (or men) who have an entire family to take care of on their own. I’ve worked with hundreds of parentpreneurs and they absolutely love the solutions I give them. It allows them to spend more time with their loved ones and to have more free time.

    9. Its seems like a lot of work
    I want to be 100% honest with you: This program will require you to work and exert effort to get the most out of it. But that’s what any worthwhile goal requires. If you want to “effortlessly manifest” your way to success, you can try but I have found that “effortless manifestation” comes as a result of action + reception. You need to plant seeds and then you can sit back and watch them grow but you can’t expect anything to grow without planting any seeds. They are two parts of the same whole and you need to do both in life (and in this program) to succeed.

    10. What if the idea of Time Management bores me to tears?
    You might find time management boring but guess what? I find a lot of things boring or not fun in my business but I still do those things if they move the needle for my business and dreams. I believe this is the secret to long term success in life and business. You can live life the easy way now and it will be hard later or do whats hard now and enjoy the benefits later. Which do you prefer? That said, I’ve made this program as entertaining and easy to move through as possible. I’m certain you’ll love time management after you’ve gone through it and start to see it as exciting versus boring.

    11. How can I help you?
    As you know we’re talking about my program “Simplify: six weeks to stress-free productivity” and what I just walked you through in terms of those 6 modules (in the video) is really what you’re going to get in the simplify program. It is a comprehensive course and system as well as a set of tools for you to actually build this streamlined system for your life and business. This is a serious program that is based on both the inner game tactics of increasing your focus and energy as well as all the outer game tactics of planning, strategy, creating systems, hiring a team and so on and so forth that you need to turn your current business into a well oiled machine.

    By going through this program you will have the freedom, peace of mind, and fulfillment in work and life that you’ve been waiting for. The bottom line reason why it’s critical to learn and implement a system like this in your business now is because it’s going to allow you to make the impact that you deserve to make on this planet. Finally with this program you can get all the stuff that’s on your mind off of your mind and into a trusted system that works! This class will help you put an end to the mental and physical clutter of your life and get you to close those open loops that are the reason why you have so much stress all the time.

    I look forward to serving you in the Simplify program!

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