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Sandra The Comeback Story POWER Process


A self-paced 5-step curriculum specifically designed for mission-driven speakers, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders with a powerful Comeback Story at the heart of their work.


The Comeback Story POWER Process™


Attract. Engage. Transform.

A self-paced 5-step curriculum specifically designed for mission-driven speakers, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders with a powerful Comeback Story at the heart of their work.

Are you a speaker, entrepreneur or non-profit leader on a mission to help others deal with challenges you’ve already overcome?
Then the Comeback Story POWER Process is for you!

Because nothing attracts, engages and motivates people to take action toward transformational growth and change more powerfully than a compelling personal story. A story like yours!


But maybe you feel a little hesitant about sharing your story.

Maybe you’re worried it’s not good enough, or that you don’t know how to tell it well enough.

Or maybe your story just feels too personal, painful or messy to share.

Maybe you think you don’t even have a story—or you’ve got a million of them and don’t know which one to tell.

If any of this sounds like you, you’re in exactly the right place!

I’m Sandra Millers Younger, a career storyteller with two journalism degrees and 40 years of professional experience. I’ve written thousands of newspaper and magazine stories, plus a best-selling book featured by NBC’s Dateline.

For the last 4 years, I’ve coached people just like you, enabling them to tell their own personal stories in powerful ways that make a difference in the world.

But I can’t get to everybody one-to-one. So I’ve collected all my best story-crafting info into a self-paced, home-study course you can work through yourself, in your own home, at your own speed.


For the first time, you can now explore and unlock the power of your unique Comeback Story on your own, using the same 5-step Comeback Story POWER Process™ I use with my VIP clients in my flagship 1-to-1 story-coaching program — normally a $3,500 investment.

The usual investment for this self-paced, homestudy course is $297.

But here at Deep Gratitude, you pay only $59!!!

No, that’s not a typo! Just $59 for my entire premier curriculum in an easy-to-follow, do-it-yourself format!

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sandra-power-story-testimonial-lsI wanted to inspire my audiences to say “yes” to possibility by talking about my own journey in a more vulnerable way, yet without oversharing. Sandra pointed out relevant experiences and themes from my past I’d never noticed, and helped me organize these key events into a powerful signature story that explains my passion to make a difference by helping others realize their potential. Now I can easily connect with audiences at a deeper emotional level than ever before, with an authenticity that builds trust and boosts sales success.
-Lisa Sasevich, CEO, The Invisible Close

sandra-power-story-testimonial-jbI thought I knew what my signature story was. I was sort of right. BUT I HAD NO F-ing IDEA WHY I DID WHAT I DO. I just figured I ended up in this work because it interested me, and that I found it compelling. I mean, I DEAL in “story” and help others tell theirs. And yet I missed the coolest, most gnarly parts of my own.

That I finally see the story of how I ended up here has changed the way I think about my work. NOW, I’m going to be able to connect to my prospective clients in a new, even deeper way. If your business results are only fair to middling, run, do not walk, to Sandra.
-Jane Beard, co-principal and co-founder, InVisible Light

The Comeback Story POWER Process combines my four decades of journalistic story-crafting experience with 21st-century brain science to help you strategically pinpoint, organize and wordsmith your unique signature story, plus additional teaching stories and client success stories — all engineered to create an emotional connection with your target audience, motivating and enabling them to take action on your message.

After completing this unique home-study program, you will:

  • Understand your“ big why,” the MEANING behind your drive to serve and the motivation that will make you unstoppable in achieving your goals.
  • Be able to use your own Comeback Story to create instant emotional connection with your perfect prospects, so they “know, like and trust” you—enough to take action.
  • Have a portfolio of compelling “sticky” stories to help your audience understand and retain your MESSAGE and/or product features.
  • Know how to choose and craft highly persuasive client success stories to demonstrate the effects of your MISSION.
  • Be equipped to develop a story-charged online presence and essential marketing copy designed to attract and engage your perfect prospects.


Here are the 5 Key Steps of my complete Comeback Story POWER Process coaching program:

  • Pinpoint your Comeback Story, the story that explains your passion to serve your audience and captures their attention by resonating with their own experience and desires.
  • Organize your Comeback Story in a structure scientifically proven to change brain chemistry and effortlessly connect with your audience on an emotional level that builds trust and boosts sales.
  • Wordsmith your Comeback Story into a polished presentation.
  • Establish a portfolio of sticky stories,” chosen and crafted to enable your audience to remember teaching points or product features.
  • Recognize and craft your most powerful client success stories

The Comeback Story POWER Process is a unique program you won’t find anywhere else. I encourage you to step up to this extraordinary opportunity to find your own unique Comeback Story, polish your message, and take it to the world.

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Need more? Learn More About Sandra at her site

sandra-power-story-testimonial-sdSandra Younger is truly inspirational. Her gift is the ability to identify key milestones in your life and weave them into a compelling story that will have your audience spellbound.

Sandra is also an amazing wordsmith. She was able to take my mechanical language and help me transform it into a “speak-to-sell” talk full of emotion AND content. My first speaking engagement after working with her generated a whopping 400% return on investment.
– Shirley Dalton, principal, Dalton Business Systems, New South Wales, Australia

sandra-power-story-testimonial-tbUnderstanding the meaning of my story has clarified my message and given me new confidence moving forward in my business interactions with people. More than ever, I know who I am and how I can help. Sandra has given me a tool that will very quickly enhance my business. The person who takes this story journey with Sandra will understand more deeply who they are, what they stand for, what their business is about, and how to project their philosophy into the world.
– Tom Bwarrie, owner, Signature Hand Engraving

sandra-power-story-testimonial-dsI originally signed up to work with Sandra to create my own personal story that clients would resonate with, but it turned out to be so much more than that. Sandra not only helped me create a powerful story. She also helped me see the connection to why I do what I do, and it has made me even more passionate about my chosen profession.

Sandra has a gift of crafting a story or speech that draws you in with its authenticity, and then keeps you there through powerful words and imagery. I could have never done this myself, and even if I had tried, I would have spent months of trial and error to get it right. Sandra is a rockstar in the world of story crafting!
– Denyne Sanville CPIA, CKD,CBD, owner, Denyne Designs LLC

sandra-power-story-testimonial-drSandra Millers Younger is a story genius—it’s that simple. Before I worked with her, I felt I had an “ADD life.” I had done so many things and experienced so much, I couldn’t see a pattern or make sense of it at all. Working with Sandra brought the pattern of my life into focus for me … and allowed me to uncover core truths within my life story.

I was not only able to see how the difficulties and loss were the true gold within my story, but I was also able to see the beauty of it all and how the arc of my life has made me who I am in this moment. I’m so grateful!
– Denise Rushing, CEO, Product Frog

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