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Debi Silber – The COMPLETE Transformation System


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Deep Gratitude Personal Note: Recommended by leading experts like Brian Tracey and Jack Canfield – Debi is an absolutely amazing teacher, reliable, passionate and excellent in all ways. Her course will take you through, Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset, Image and Lifestyle. It really is a must have.


The COMPLETE Transformation System:

Your 5 Step Blueprint to Create Your Ultimate Body, Health and Lifestyle (audio CD version)


Ready for a complete transformation?

Ready to become inspired, empowered and transformed?

Imagine jumpstarting your weight loss, fitness and health while improving your energy and your relationships…

Imagine creating the body, life and lifestyle you want most!

Does this sound familiar?
  • You spend years, maybe even decades feeling fat, exhausted, out of shape and unhealthy
  • You constantly feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled and unhappy
  • You lack the confidence you need to pursue new relationships or career opportunities
  • You miss out on opportunities both personally and professionally because of the way you look and feel
How much time are you wasting when you…
  • Continually eat foods that make you hungry and cause you to gain weight
  • Struggle through a workout you hate which doesn’t even give you the results you want
  • Lack a plan to combat the physical, mental and emotional wear and tear from the stress you have every day
  • Agonize over toxic relationships which hold you back from being, doing and having more
  • Don’t have a step-by-step plan to improve your body, your energy, your relationships, your image, your mindset, your level of stress, your level of professional success…and your life

I’ve got some great news for you…you’re in the right place!

I’m Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC, FDN The Mojo Coach® and for over 23 years, I’ve helped thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU look, feel and live their best! I’m also a busy mom with a full time business, husband, home, 4 kids…and 6 dogs so I totally understand that you don’t have a minute to waste (or a minute for yourself!) You’re time is limited, you want the tools to get your job done and you want results ASAP!

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The COMPLETE Transformation System: Your 5 Step Blueprint to Create Your Ultimate Body, Health and Lifestyle (audio CD Version) will get you there as you quickly, powerfully and effectively become your physical, mental and emotional best.

  • It will give you deeper access to the tools, strategies, resources, support and coaching that have enabled thousands of my clients to become lean, fit, energized, confident, healthy and happy.
  • It was designed so you will achieve success in the areas of life most important to you.
  • It was designed by people like you and me who are committed to living a BIG life.
  • It was designed by today’s woman and for today’s woman who is ready to change right now and doesn’t want to wait another minute.
  • Most of all, it was designed to give you a jumpstart so you can finally live the life you deserve!

Now, you’ve probably tried many different ways to become lean, fit, healthy, more energetic, less stressed and happier in the past. Some things may have worked yet you probably found that something was missing.

It’s not your fault that you’re still struggling. You see, there are a few critical areas we need to focus on in order to look, feel and live your best. When we neglect EVEN ONE of these, we’re missing crucial pieces that enable us to become our best both personally AND professionally. It’s vital that you get all of these pieces so you can create the body, health and lifestyle you want most.

You’re about to get my complete and proven 5-step plan that teaches you how to create the success you want…quickly and with lasting results.

“Debi Silber is way more than “The Mojo Coach”, In just 4 short weeks she transformed my life! I had brain fog, was struggling with weight gain and had personal fears about exercise due to an injury. I also discovered I had a severe gluten allergy.

Now I’m thinking clearly and I’m a lot stronger than I thought…oh and down 11lbs! I also have an energy within myself that I haven’t felt in years. What I loved most about working with Debi, was her contagious energy, and that she truly wants everyone to live their best life.” Thank you!-Fran, NY

  • Here’s where we’ll break that sugar addiction, crush those cravings and move towards ending your battle with emotional eating. You’ll receive the shopping lists, food guides, mindset tools and EVERYTHING you need to create a healthy relationship with food. Yes it’s lots to cover AND we’re taking on some major issues right at the start that’s left you feeling overweight and unhappy for years…possibly decades. I’m with you every step of the way!

    Debi – I couldn’t wait to email you to tell you that I left your class feeling encouraged, energized, motivated and hopeful. I now have direction and a plan! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I can’t wait to see what the next four weeks reveal.”- Catherine

    ”Debi is brilliant. She really knows her stuff. She totally understands the emotional component to eating, she has all the latest information on the very best nutrition out there. On top of that she has the highest standards to putting it all together, exercise, healthy eating, nuitrition, all that in one package….and take a look at her…..she sets the standard by her high energy, intelligence, ability to relate to clients, compassion, and drop dead body” – Zoe, NY

    “Hi Debi. 3 more pounds this morning! Last week was 3 too, and I didn’t use the scale the first week. So, I figure its somewhere between 6 and 9 for the 3 weeks since I started. I can’t believe I’m actually losing weight! I’ve tried so many times over the last 10 years. I finally became resigned to believing that between menopause, hormone replacement and medication, it was a losing battle – amazing!
    (The following week)
    Another 2.5 pounds! I am just amazed. I really had pretty much given up before. Lots more to go but at least it’s moving down. Onward!
    Thanks for all your help.”-Tracey

    “Losing weight was something I had virtually given up on. I went to hypnotists, tried different diets, exercise. Nothing worked!! 2-6 Weeks in I would be back to my old eating patterns. It was very frustrating. I met Debi through a friend who had remarkable weight loss with her. Immediately, I had a definite strategy to deal with my weight. I followed it and I stuck to it. Within days, I started to shed pounds. That was the easy part, the really hard part was the mental aspect of my eating dysfunction, as well as my thought process for overall health. Debi,rewired my thinking about a lot of my attitudes and beliefs. To me that is the overall key to my success. By expanding my perceptions about myself as well as the people around me, Debi helped me avoid many of the mine fields that could have caused me to fall back on my new approach to eating and overall health.” -Gary

  • You’ll take the “fitness personality” assessment to discover EXACTLY what type of fitness program works best for you based on your unique needs, preferences, fitness level and interests. From there, we’ll create a program that will create a lean, sleek and fit body through a customized fitness program you actually love!

    “Deb’s positive energy is contagious. She inspired this working mother who was just so tired to take some time for me. Since working with Debi, I went from not being able to run for 5 minutes to running a marathon and I lost over 70 pounds. Deb, my feet are firmly planted and I am ready for the rest of this wonderful journey I am on! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”-Cara

    “As a new mom, I found myself overwhelmed, out of shape, uncomfortable…and 50 pounds overweight. I didn’t even want to get into pictures with my new baby because of how I looked and felt. Debi helped me steadily lose around 2 pounds every week while getting stronger, leaner, more confident and better able to handle the challenges that come with a lack of sleep and a new addition to the family. Besides just showing me how to do it, she’s so inspiring because she’s done it herself!

    Today I’m only 3 pounds away from my goal, I LOVE to exercise, I know the foods I need to eat to keep me fueled and energized, and I’m more confident than ever before. I couldn’t have done it without Debi’s help and it’s great to know I have all the tools I need to stay fit, healthy and happy while being a great role model for my new baby girl.”-Angie

    “I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make any serious changes in only 5 classes. The fact that it only took 2 classes to make me realize I deserve to be healthy, fit and happy for me – leaves me in awe of Debi and the program. The best hour of my week.“-Shari

  • We’ll uncover the beliefs and behaviors that are preventing you from achieving the body, health, relationships, business and lifestyle you want most through a specific process designed to get to the root of your belief system. Once we uncover those beliefs, we’ll create a mindset that propels you to be, do and have more!

    “As I was making breakfast for my children at the end of week two of Debi’s insightful and comprehensive five week class it all started to come together! Here it was 7:05 in the morning and I could feel and see my positive energy and sense of balance being played out in my children, who were happy and humming and singing as they began their day. Setting a positive tone for our household, creating a strong foundation for my family and having the energy to be able to balance family, work, and everyone’s active schedules were some of my goals. Right before my eyes it all was coming together….Thank you Debi for sharing your energy and light so I can spread it to my family and friends…“-Paula

  • During Image week you’ll go through an amazing process that will allow you to see EXACTLY who you’re meant to be at your physical, mental and emotional best. This is a powerful exercise that has changed the lives of so many of my clients because once they “see” who they are at their highest and best, I’ll take you through a process to create the quickest and most direct path to get there!

    “Debi is an intuitive laser focused coach committed to helping you have whatever it is you want. She has huge a wealth of information at her fingertips to get you through whatever you need to achieve results-body, mind and spirit. I am grateful for Debi for creating this 5 week class and to me for saying YES to it!” -Ruth

  • In the lifestyle class, we’re creating EVERYTHING you need to support your growth which creating the environment you need for lasting success. We’re taking on topics like your relationships, level of stress, toxicity, sleep and so much more. We’ll uncover the obstacles that may derail you without a plan and dive in with tools, strategies and resources so you can create a lasting lifestyle plan around what you want most.

    “Thank you Deb. I appreciate you and what you have helped me overcome more than you’ll ever know. You have given me the tools and it’s up to me to follow through with what I have learned. I know in my heart that I can do this, but my head every now and then gets in the way. It’s comforting to know when that happens I can count on you to get me focused and back on track. Thank you Debi… for teaching me how to love me.”-Barbara


The COMPLETE Transformation System is:

  • A deep immersion program, which runs for 5 consecutive weeks to fully immerse you in a new way to think, act, behave… and emerge differently than the way you came in. First you’ll receive your follow up and reinforcement system (digital version) and all course materials. Then, for 5 consecutive weeks you’ll be following a structured curriculum packed with everything that’s worked for the thousands of clients I’ve worked with who’ve made the decision to change what wasn’t working for new strategies that take them where they want to go!
  •  Taught by me personally – a living, breathing example of someone using the same principles you’ll be implementing  too.

So here’s what I know about you…

  • I understand your time is limited and you want results.
  • I understand that you’ve tried lots of programs and products that have left you frustrated and possibly heavier, unhealthier and more unfit than before you started.
  • I understand that you may have some habits that are preventing you from having a body you’re proud of, loving relationships and a sense of success in the areas of life most important to you
  • I understand that you’re tired of trying new things, only to feel confused, discouraged and overwhelmed.I’m with you…been there, done that. 

I understand… and I admire you. I admire you because you’re not giving up on yourself. Life throws us curveballs and it’s the ones who pick themselves up after they fall that eventually achieve success.

So now it’s time. It’s time to put new messages in your mind that inspire you towards creating the life you want!

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“What an amazing and completely empowering experience! Debi’s approach to coaching is focused on total success: not only did my business grow exponentially because of working with her, my core Passionista was alive, present, and engaged during every conversation. Thanks a MILLION!”
-Alissa, New York

“Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach has that raw magnetism, razor sharp focus, blazing energy and rare authenticity in making your best self her business, her passion and her mission in life.”
– Wendy R, Canada

Here’s What You’ll Receive With The COMPLETE Transformation System

  • A deep immersion program on 5 CD’s that will give you everything you need to create a lean, fit body, energy, confidence and the lifestyle YOU want most
  • Your 5 week curriculum in PDF format which includes your program packed with tip sheets, study guides and other material to reinforce your learning, solidify new habits and accelerate your success
  • Strategies to create a lean, fit body, radiant health, tons of energy, soaring confidence and rewarding relationships
  • Information on how stress is making you sick, tired, fat, old and ugly… and how to prevent it!
  • Insight into how your relationships are creating health/wellness or illness/disease, how they may be sabotaging your success and how to fix it
  • Strategies to feel in control of your life, excited about your day, confident in your choices and sexy in your clothes
  • Information on how your beliefs, behaviors, habits, relationships and stress level are keeping you overweight, unfit, overwhelmed, unhappy… and how to change it to create lasting success
  • My best kept secrets and strategies that have led hundreds of my clients to look, feel and live their best

You’ll also receive these bonuses…

  • 2 of Debi’s custom mindset tools-My custom reminder bands and Mojo Minder cards (US only)
  • A sample pack of my deliciously healthy Mojo Fuel Bars (one of my top strategies for staying lean, fueled and energized)!

Haven’t you waited long enough? 
Let’s get started and create your ultimate body and life!

$197.00 $97.00Add to cart

It’s no mistake why this program is so affordable. Now you have NO excuse to miss out on an opportunity to create the life you want most.

Isn’t it time to have a body you’re proud of,  have the energy you need to power you through your day, have rich, rewarding relationships, have the right opportunities showing up for you because of a more effective way to think and act?

Don’t you deserve a magnetic, dynamic and charismatic image that draws others to you and your message?

Wouldn’t it help to be surrounded by supportive, loving and positive relationships along with the support and accountability you need to GET YOUR JOB DONE?

Let’s get you to feel great again.

The COMPLETE Transformation System: Your 5 Step Blueprint to Create Your Ultimate Body, Health and Lifestyle  (audio CD verions) includes everything you need to improve your “inner and outer game” so you can discover, design and dive in to create your ultimate body, mindset, image and lifestyle.


You also have my personal guarantee…

If you’re not completely blown away with the coaching, material, resources and more that have helped hundreds of my clients become their personal and professional best for over 20 years, simply return your course materials in their new and original condition to receive 100% of your money back. A 25% handling/restocking fee will be deducted for opened and used materials.

Isn’t it time you lived the life you deserve? Let’s create YOUR ultimate body and life!

$197.00 $97.00Add to cart

P.S. You already have everything you need within you, it just may be buried under a few layers of unhealthy habits, fear, doubt and insecurity. Let’s unleash your best… you!

P.P.S. Let’s get you looking, feeling and living your best starting RIGHT NOW

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