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Crystal Gifford – House of Wealth


Open Your Heart, Mind, Soul and Wallet to Receive Massive Wealth.


“Are you ready to build your House of Wealth™ and finally have abundance flow into your life easily?”

House of Wealth™ Masters Course: Open Your Heart, Mind, Soul and Wallet to Receive Massive Wealth

“Imagine – a life where easily attracting wealth is your reality, and you are living it every day!

The House of Wealth Masters Course will teach you the fundamental principles of preparing yourself to receive and live a life of wealth.

If you are tired of chasing the dream and find yourself saying, “Will it ever be enough” or “I know I will live my dream ‘one day’” keep reading. We have a solution for you.


Attention change agents: If you are a speaker, author, expert, coach, or other agent of change and you have been working tirelessly to build your business and open your wealth channel, have I got a solution for you!

If you know it is time to stop waiting for one day and start living your dream today, you have come to the right place.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You spend countless hours working on your business and building your programs but you find they are NOT MAKING THE MONEY YOU DREAMED THEY COULD.
  • You are ready to make a bigger impact on the world but you keep waiting for your “ship to come in”. If you are ready to make a bigger impact with your message now instead of later, you can’t afford to skip this offer.
  • You’ve done everything your mentors taught you but you have not been able to find success like you thought you would. It seems like everyone else is having success with their expertise and you want to know “Why not me?”
  • You have watched other entrepreneurs with less skill or talent than you have massive success and wondered what they are doing that you are not. Let’s face it. We’ve all had those “I know I could do better than that” moments.
  • You’re sick and tired of doubting yourself and ready to boldly claim your space in the world. When you first started this journey you were excited and knew what you had to offer will change lives, but now you are struggling just to grow your business to the next level. What gives?
  • You’re frustrated because you KNOW you’re supposed to be making a HUGE difference in the world but your level of wealth has not grown to fully support that dream to date. Instead, you feel like you want to contribute “one day” when you get your own finances finally in order. What do you need to do to start playing the bigger game you know you’re meant to with the knowledge and passion you have right now?

Well, I’ve got GREAT news for you – you are SO in the right place right now!


My name is Crystal and I am here to help you identify what is holding you back from the life of wealth you desire and embrace a new way of wealthy living. It is time for you to stand in your place of power and embrace the wealth that is yours for the taking. It is time to create steady inflow of abundance in all areas of your life and finally open to a new life where your dreams ARE your reality.

In fact, I’ve been in your shoes.

I have always known that I had a big message to share with the world, but I really had no idea how to share it, and let’s be honest, I didn’t believe anyone cared to hear what I had to say. I found myself longing for the success I saw others have and I knew if only I could get my message out I could make a huge difference in the world. Then I found myself drawn to an event where I found a mentor and a group of individuals just like me who were DOING IT!! I invested in myself and started on a path to financial and time freedom. Before I knew it, I had a clear message and a platform to deliver it. But that wasn’t enough.


But then, I finally discovered the missing pieces that were keeping my dream and my wallet from thriving, and I was easily able to share that same message with my clients so they, too, could see new levels in their position of wealth.

And now, that is what I want for you. No more wondering if what you have is really making a difference in the world. It is time for you to get out there and shine like the POWER HOUSE YOU ARE all while RECEIVING MASSIVE INFLOWS OF ABUNDANCE INTO YOUR PRESENT, TANGIBLE WORLD!!!

But first, you must open yourself to receiving wealth as you step into your power. And that is what the Step Into Wealth Masters Course is all about.

That is why we have created this Life-Changing course just for you!!!

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“I want to live a life of financial freedom, but I don’t even know where to get started. Nothing I do seems to work like I thought it would!”

Can you relate?


So many of the people I work with feel like they have much to give to the world, but find themselves struggling just to take care of their own business and build wealth for themselves. Instead of steadily increasing their own level of wealth using their expertise, they find themselves spending more and more money, sometimes even all they bring in, just to pursue their passion.

After years working with people to improve their financial positions, one thing I have learned is that I am a purpose-filled-action junkie and I am wholeheartedly committed to helping others achieve REAL RESULTS!

In other words, I LOVE to see people:

  • Define exactly what they want and know why
  • Build their belief that their dreams can come true
  • Feel confident to honor their personal values into the work they do
  • Receive all they deserve and long for
  • Take decisive action, and
  • Live the life of which they have always dreamed

Regardless of how big or modest you want life to be, my mission is to be sure you reach that goal. And I know that is why you are here. You want to do the same for those you encounter.

“I want evidence that my work is valuable and I need see real results from my efforts. Show me the money”

Have you found yourself saying something like this in the past year? Do you find that it takes endless hours of work just to attract mediocre levels of inflow, and then it all seems to flow out even faster than it came in?

When you finish this program, you will find that you not only attract abundance in a big way, but you attract exactly from the right sources that begin to flow regularly into your life and fill up your tank, building you one big, sensational House of Wealth.

What’s my secret? Well, here it is in a nutshell –

The House of Wealth Master’s Course

Yes, my own successful financial journey and that of my clients all started with one simple question…” How do I open myself to receive wealth in a massive way?”

With the House of Wealth™ Master’s Course you will learn how to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and emotionally to receive and build wealth in your life. This is the place where you will STOP STUGGLING and START LIVING the life you have always desired. With these small tweaks, you will find yourself opening to wealth in ways you never dreamed of before.

In fact, my Step Into Wealth™ methods are the QUICKEST and BEST way to:

  • Prepare yourself to receive wealth (AND start watching money pour in) WITHOUT adding extra work hours.
  • Make a BIGGER difference with the expertise you know you were meant to share with the world.
  • Attract more prosperity! Want to fulfill your destiny and fill your wallet?
  • Create amazing results and learn about ways to attract wealth you may not have thought about before!
  • Begin a life of freedom for you and your family.
  • Begin to watch your revenue become PROFIT and start feeling more fulfilled in your work.

Some of our clients have this to say about our programs:

“Crystal, our work with you has motivated us to take our business to the next level. We were working hard and seeing very little financial reward. Using a few of your tweaks, we have been able to devise a plan to help our business take off and really make use of our financial investment. We never realized financial freedom could be part of our plan. Thank you for providing us with hope that a lifetime of financial freedom is truly within our grasp. Soon we will be making enough In our business to follow our dream to feed the homeless. We are forever grateful.”

Roberta and Terry Hamilton
TLH Collections

“Before working with Crystal I was scared and uncertain about my financial situation. Now I have a clear and precise path, I’m on my way to becoming debt free! When I reached out to Crystal for help I felt scared and overwhelmed by the decisions I needed to make. I didn’t understand how to reduce my debt. She was great at helping me first deal with my emotions of overwhelm, confusion and disappointment. She made it a safe place for me to be vulnerable and HONEST. With her years of experience and simple explanations she helped design a specific plan to immediately reduce my debt. She offered advice, expertise and above all emotional support. I’m grateful I was able to work with Crystal and highly recommend her services. She’s a ROCK STAR and helped me feel grounded and excited about the direction I’m headed. Thank you Crystal!!!”

Melissa Risdon
Helping YOU Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Raving Fan

So if you are ready to:

Step into a life of wealth and abundance.

See your life’s work make a profit.

Learn why it is important that you invite wealth in and create a powerful relationship with money.

Really know the value you are bringing to the world with your message.

Live each day in a state of gratitude and joy for the abundance that surrounds you.

Magnetize your message to attract wealth more and more as you share it.
More effectively contribute your work to the world and profit from your contributions.


Don’t delay!!! Order your House of Wealth™ Master’s Course program today. The life of your dreams and your financial well-being depend on it!!!

The House of Wealth™ Masters Course is a virtual course with live session that will walk you through five modules where you will apply practical and spiritual tactics in order to open you to wealth in ways you’ve never thought possible. The five modules include:

  1. CORE VALUE Integration: Learn how to first understand and align your core values with your work and then VALUE YOUR WORK so you can help others see how it can help them.
  2. Find your TRUE PURPOSE for wealth: Learn what really drives you and why knowing that will lead you to all the wealth you ever wanted.
  3. Build Your BELIEF SYSTEM: Learn how to magnetize your world and entice the Universe to deliver everything you can dream for yourself by building TRUE BELIEF in the goals that you set.
  4. Empower Your CONTRIBUTION: Learn how you can start each action with how you bring to others a state of abundance, gratitude and wealth so you can easily attract wealth into your own life.
  5. Bring Life to Your STRATGY: Build a REAL HANDS ON STRATEGY that sets in place all you want to achieve and a STEP BY STEP path to get there.
  6. BONUS: A budget and debt reduction template and a video lesson teaching how to use the template. Nerdy sounding but very powerful.

Commit and build your House of Wealth!!

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