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Allana Pratt – Sexy Intimate Bundle


What if you had THE KEY to create more confidence, sex appeal and a thriving epic intimate relationship with your Self & your Beloved? Allana Pratt’s proven curriculums work! Radiance DVD for women, Dear Lover DVD for men and Your Delicious Body DVD created with Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness.

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Are you a man, woman or couple who struggles trusting again after heartbreak? Allana’s programs heal your wounded heart for good. They awaken men’s Badass Nobility and women’s Sexy Radiance so you can attract and thrive in a hot healthy soul shaking intimate relationship.

You Get All of These!

Radiance DVD Curriculum – Amplify Your Sexy Factor From Your Cells to Your Souls in Just 6 Weeks

Introducing a Powerful, Self-Paced Program That Will Help You Look, Feel and Embody Radiance, from the Inside Out
When I originally created my Radiance DVD program, I knew that using a mind AND body approach to helping you embody more sensuality and pleasure was the right approach. I wanted to help you get out of your head and into your body, where your sensuality resides.

In Radiance, not only do you get video demonstrations on how to move your body and let go of inhibition, you get expert advice on igniting your self-esteem and opening yourself up to experiencing more pleasure (bigger and better orgasms, for example). You’ll also get unconventional tools and strategies for learning how to love your body, cultivate your feminine intuition and more.

You’ll also learn:

  • The surprising correlation between sex and looking and feeling youthful.
  • How to ask for what you want sexually, in a way that makes a man feel safe and comfortable.
  • The subtle behavior dynamic that keeps you stuck in romantic drama and how to get out of it, fast!
  • The hormonal reason your confidence can tank by the time you’re 45 and how to remedy that naturally.
  • Why painful, self-judgmental feelings are still hanging around and what to do to finally clear the heaviness off your psyche.
  • The physiological benefits and differences between masturbation and sex with a partner, and which one relieves stress better.
  • The different types of orgasms you’re capable of having and how and where to stimulate your body in order to discover them.
  • The little-known cause of discomfort during intercourse and the secret to timing sex so you feel maximum pleasure.
  • Is it possible to feel in love when you’re really not? The mind trick that allows you to feel on top of the world without actually having to be “in love” with someone.
  • The practical steps to honing your intuition.
  • How to get your hormones to work for you instead of against you.
  • Tired but wired? How to manage your body’s natural stress hormone so you can feel more grounded and relaxed.
  • Why tackling a to-do list day after day doesn’t work well for women and how to have success without burning out.
  • Why your sexual self is the bellwether of your overall vitality.
  • A practice to raise your estrogen and feel juicy and alive again.
  • And much more!

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You Get All of These!

Dear Lover DVD Curriculum – You Know It’s Time To Have The Life And The Quality Woman You Want.

Discover How to Dissolve The “Nice Guy” Persona and Awaken the Confident Noble “King” Within
Powerful Strategies to Help You Attract High-Quality Women, Re-Ignite Her Passion and Get Her to Say Yes

Introducing Dear Lover, a Program That Helps You Break Free of the “Nice Guy” Persona, Own Your Purpose and Be the Man She Really Craves

My Dear Lover 6-week video program will give you the insights and tools to reprogram how you show up in the world and to women. It will show you how to dissolve your Nice Guy and help you manifest the King you were always meant to be. If you’re single, Dear Lover will show you the strategies to attract more of the kind of high-quality women you’re attracted to.
You’ll then learn how to get her to say “YES!”.

And if you’re married or in a relationship, it will show you how to create a more intimate bond with your woman, so she’s more open, more trusting and more tender with you. With your newfound King persona, she’ll crave being with you sexually and spiritually like never before.

This Is Just a Small Sample of What Else You’ll Learn and receive from Dear Lover:

  • The biggest sabotaging factor for men and what a woman needs in order to want to say “yes” to you.
  • What if you get triggered by your woman? You want to neither react or sit on the guidelines doing nothing. How to step into your power as a man and respond in a way that elevates your masculinity.
  • A video demonstration on how to handle an emotional woman and stay grounded so she feels safe and it deepens your relationship.
  • What women actually find sexy in a man in terms of their career and success. (You’ll be surprised. It’s not what you think.)
  • The one piece of clothing you wear that screams “boy” or announces “real man” and how to put your look together for maximum impact on a woman.
  • Tips for dating single moms or busy career women that will score you big points.
  • How and where to touch a woman in order to diffuse a heavily emotional moment.
  • The reason you may be attracting competitive, combative women who are controlling and the shift you can make today to attract softer, more feminine women.
  • Word-for-word scripts on how to argue with a woman in a way that won’t emasculate you.
  • A 6-part DVD program intended to be watched one week at a time.
  • 6 curriculum PDFs with homework and lesson plans to go with each video
  • 1 powerful 20-minute guided meditation
  • 5 letters (PDFs) from Allana to her lover as she journeys with you to curing you of the Nice Guy

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You will recieve your DVDs in the mail, postage already paid – direct from Allana.

You Get All of These!

Your Delicious Body DVD Curriculum – Learn the Secret to Feeling Absolutely Wonderful About Your Body, Having Wildly Pleasurable Sex and Attracting a Relationship That Makes You Feel Completely Cherished

If you have Body Issues, Intimacy Issues, Sex Issues, Relationship Issues…What if you could CHANGE all that and ENJOY the Deliciousness of Your Body?

Introducing a Conscious Approach to Relationships and Sexuality That Gets to the Core of Your Limitations and Inhibitions and Frees You to Be Truly Yourself

In the Your Delicious Body video and audio program, I partner with my good friend and respected author and facilitator, Dr. Dain Heer, to offer a revolutionary approach to changing your life—by altering your consciousness.

Through revealing conversations, instruction and unique verbal processes, Dr. Dain and I reveal the possible origins of why you’re lacking confidence or feeling stunted when it comes to your sexuality or your body.

More importantly, you’ll learn exactly what you can do to uncover and reverse the false beliefs and limitations keeping you from feeling delicious in your own body.

Through this amazing and easy process, you’ll learn how to make better choices for yourself and know what makes you happy, so you can avoid resentment, bitterness or overwhelm in your relationships.

You’ll find yourself more attracted to better quality partners, and your increased confidence and sexual-ness will improve your love relationship.

You will be able to enjoy more sustainable turn-ons, as opposed to constantly looking for a kinkier fantasy in order to reach orgasm.

Your Delicious Body isn’t just about learning to love your body as it is. It’s about asking yourself, What else is possible here? It’s about loving yourself and your choices and being unafraid to speak your truth.

Here’s What Else You’ll Learn and recieve in Your Delicious Body:

  • Why the source of so much of your pain and heartbreak has everything to do with what you’re not giving to YOURSELF and the process by which you can begin to heal and open up to true intimacy.
  • The real reason why you need kinky or taboo thoughts, or the presence of another person to get turned on—and an alternative that is more sustainable and self-generating.
  • Why 98% of the things you believe and tell yourself are not in alignment with the “real” you and how knowing this can instantly help you destroy your inner critic.
  • Do men seem to be either jerks or wimps? The hidden reason why men today are failing to be authentic and in touch with true masculinity and how to inspire your man’s sexy masculinity.
  • The 5 elements to intimacy and how these elements can help you create the most connected, loving and devoted relationship you’ve ever had.
  • A powerful process that can undo the cycle of unsatisfying sex and toxic relationships in your life.
  • The key question to ask yourself that will keep any relationship fresh, not just your romantic ones.
  • Hate being single? What’s really missing, and it isn’t romance or sex, and how discovering this can liberate you to be happier and more fulfilled.
  • They say you should “follow your passion”. Why this is a destructive myth and what you should be following instead.
  • A 3-part video DVD to view in the privacy of your own home or on your computer
  • A bonus audio CD with the powerful processes by Dr. Dain to help you make the changes that will bring you more sexual-ness, joy and confidence.
  • Transcripts so you can READ what’s on the program at your convenience, delivered to you electronically in PDF format in your email.

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You will recieve your DVDs in the mail, postage already paid – direct from Allana.

Who is Allana?

Allana’s capacity to ooze sensual confidence & awaken it in her clients and audience comes from dissolving personal shame and societal judgment from her experience as a showgirl and choosing to embrace her sacred feminine power. Allana has learned to lean into challenge and emerged more courageously vulnerable and radiantly loving than before. Now she pole dances for pleasure and is the walking embodiment of ‘When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!’ Maya Angelou wrote, “Does my sexiness upset you?… I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs.” Allana Pratt believes it’s time to redefine MILF as a Maternally Inspiring Luscious Fox, whose potent radiance, exquisite intuition and sacred erotic nature is the seed and soul of a thriving family, community and planet.

Allana truly loves men, heals their emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’ and awakens their noble badass so they ravish their partners open into devotion, creating hot healthy thriving relationships. In couple’s work, this in turn inspires women to be a safe harbor, a healing touch, an erotic creature, an appreciative honoring of their men. Allana welcomes all sexual orientations and relationship choices to her sought after coaching practice. She’s helped thousands find confidence, sex appeal and thriving relationships through her Radiance DVD curriculum for women, her Dear Lover DVD curriculum for men and her Your Delicious Body DVD created with Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness. She’s the Host of her sexy, provocative heart centered weekly show,

Ultimately Allana, the proud mama of her amazing 13 yr old boy, is committed to her clients having true sacred Communion with themselves, creating thriving relationships and rockin’ families and savoring Oneness with the All.

Want to learn more about Allana? Get to know Allana’s Personal Journey


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You will recieve your DVDs in the mail, postage already paid – direct from Allana.

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